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      How does the Drainage Service Work?

Step 1: Easily order the Drainage services in London through our app or website

Book a Drainage service in London online via Klean Keepers website or apps

Step 2: Meet the Experts

A team of drain cleaners in London will arrive and inspect the blocked drainage at your property. They will inform you of what the exact problem is. They will then proceed to give you the exact price (fixed price) which you will have to accept before our expert commences the work.

Step 3: Have everything checked

The expert drain cleaners in London will then have your drainage checked to see everything is back in order and safe for re-use.

Step 4: Enjoy great results

The experts will dispose everything to safe recycling or waste disposal location that undertakes it.

What do you get out of the Drainage Services in London?

  1. A fully trained expert/experts: By using the Klean Keepers services you can be rest assured about the quality of our experts. If you want to know more about our vetting process click here
  2. Specialised Vehicles and equipment: We are extremely professional in our approach and use the right vehicles, methods and equipment to clear any kind of drainage problem that you may encounter in your home or property.
  3. Special Instruction: On the Klean Keepers app or the website, you can instruct the expert if you have any sort of special requirements or instructions. You can also provide photographs along with the instructions if that is required. This information will be directly passed on to the service provider.
  4. Fully insured: All of our service providers are covered by public liability insurance and they will be able to claim insurance for any damage that they have caused in your home or property so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  5. A Klean keepers Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the job Klean keepers guarantee to come and do the drainage service again until you are satisfied and that’s our promise.
  6. Easy Rescheduling: When you book a professional drainage service in London with our app or website you can easily choose the date and time for your service provider to come and do the service for you.


How does it work?


Enter your postcode to check availability


Get an estimated price by filling a few questions and selecting your desired slot


The expert upon arrival will assess the job and will set the fixed rate. Any adjustments will be discussed with you before setting the fixed rate


Pay the fixed price so that the expert can start working while you sit back and relax

Happy Customers

  • Tim Middlemas

    Had a wonderful experience with Klean keepers who were so polite and truly professional from start to finish.

  • Derek Forder

    We are extremely satisfied with the work Klean Keepers have done for us. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable home services company that gets the job done on time.

  • William Johnson

    Managing a large London residential property portfolio its vital I have reliable people who provide end of tenancy clean, furniture assembly, blocked soil pipes and sinks and general painting and decorating, Klean Keepers provide all of these services for me under one roof, Klean keepers make my work load far easier

  • Sarah Emily

    Had a wonderful experience with using Klean keepers in the sw8 area. On time and did the job to perfection.

  • Jeniffer Isla

    Used their maid service and was completely satisfied with them. Thoroughly professional service and will use them again.

Frequently Asked Questions

A drain survey is an in-depth inspection of your drainage system, using high-tech CCTV cameras which are inserted into your drains. These drainage cameras send a live-feed back to a monitor, letting our drainage engineer get a good view into your drains so they can identify any issues that might be present.

For fats that solidify, let them do so, then pitch them in your regular rubbsih. Chill grease in the fridge if you need to get it to harden up. For ones that don't solidify, pour them into a sealable (hopefully non-recyclable) bottle, and throw the whole container away with your regular rubbish

This may take anywhere between 1 – 2 hours depending on the nature of the job. Once the problem has been identified then the works will be carried out which will be included in the hourly charge.

This may be caused by leaves or primarily by the pouring oils, fats or grease down the sink which causes the drains to block up. Never throw any fat, oil or grease into drains as it would be costly.

You book a service call through the app and the expert will arrive and use the special equipment to unblock it. Usually it is debris that gets trapped in the pipe that causes the blockage and the expert will fix the issue and have running drains and remove the blockage.

CCTV surveys is a crucial tool in a number of situations. For example, a drain survey can be arranged before you purchase a new home. The survey will generate an accurate review of the current condition of the property’s drainage system, and will provide an overview of any necessary repairs in the future. The survey provides buyers the opportunity to make a fully-informed decision before they sign any contracts. Homeowners or tenants may also need a CCTV survey when they face one-off or ongoing drainage issues. A survey can find the root cause of a problem, so they’re essential if you’re experiencing drain troubles but have no idea why.
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