Why join Klean keepers?

  • Joining Klean keepers is completely free and we do not charge any membership fees.
  • Regularly get new and repeat businesses from the service provider app.
  • A guaranteed payment within one week (7 days) of completion of the job which is completely automated.
  • An easy to use service provider app that manages all your upcoming, ongoing and past jobs.
  • All aspects of the job can be managed from the initial customer contact to pricing and payment all in your smartphone or tablet.
  • Branding and marketing support from Klean keepers. 

How to join Klean keepers?

  • We will first have a chat with you over the phone. This gives us an opportunity to tell you about our operation and customer service so that you can better get to know how we operate.
  • We will then send you an application form which must be filled and returned.
  • Once everything checks out, you will be invited for an open day to have a face-to-face meeting with our experts so that we can better get to know you and verify your credentials.
  • We will then check your references and examine at least two of your ongoing or previous works so that we can examine the quality of your work.
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