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Nurseries, Colleges and School Cleaning Services in London

Klean Keepers have been delivering cleaning services to nurseries, schools and colleges since we first started in 2004, and we know how these institutes can be messy they can be so we can always assign more cleaners as the work load tend to be much more intensive.

We have specialist cleaners for each sector so they are familiar with the surroundings, so a cleaner operative will only be assigned if they have experience in nursery cleaning, or schools or have cleaned colleges in the past. This makes it easier for the cleaner operative as they are familiar with their surroundings. It only makes sense to assign a cleaner who has experience in that field. We pay particular attention to toilets and washroom as they require more attention to detail. We will also report any vandalised or broken furniture as it is important to get them fixed or replaced. An attendance sheet will be provided and displayed on a designated notice board so that it is monitored and welcome any comments to improve efficiency.

In any case we tend to ask the client to supply their own products and equipment as it would be more cost effective and can put them in touch with a very good supplier and in the long run work out to be far better as we can supply a weekly or monthly update on what supplies need to be purchased, nevertheless the choice is yours and we can supply cleaning products and equipment if desired.

If you are looking for a quote please contact us and we can organise a free on site visit for assessment and provide a free quote.

Our Commercial Cleaning Service for Nurseries, Schools and Colleges

Klean Keepers have been delivering cleaning services to nurseries, schools and colleges since the company was founded in 2004 all around the London area. We understand the daily rundown that takes place and we know how to upkeep and maintain it to a high standard. It is important for all educational establishments to maintain a high level of hygiene to prevent unnecessary absences.



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  • Tim Middlemas

    Had a wonderful experience with Klean keepers who were so polite and truly professional from start to finish.

  • Charanjit Kaler

    Klean keepers have great team and always on hand to provide excellent service, never let me down, the cleaning staff provided on site is an excellent worker happy to go the extra mile! Well done guys for getting such good people!

  • Derek Forder

    We are extremely satisfied with the work Klean Keepers have done for us. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable home services company that gets the job done on time.

  • William Johnson

    Managing a large London residential property portfolio its vital I have reliable people who provide end of tenancy clean, furniture assembly, blocked soil pipes and sinks and general painting and decorating, Klean Keepers provide all of these services for me under one roof, Klean keepers make my work load far easier

  • Sarah Emily

    Had a wonderful experience with using Klean keepers in the sw8 area. On time and did the job to perfection.

  • Jeniffer Isla

    Used their maid service and was completely satisfied with them. Thoroughly professional service and will use them again.

Why Choose Our Nursery, School and College Service?

Klean Keepers have been delivering cleaning services to nurseries, schools and colleges since the company was founded in 2004. We understand the daily mess that takes place and we know how to maintain it to a high standard. We have the availability to assign additional cleaning operatives if the service is intensive as we will always aim to carry out the service on time.

Nurseries are very sensitive when it comes to cleaning as you have to bear in mind that children like to put things in their mouths like small toys and they need to be disinfected, so we tend to steam clean toys and suitable areas to quickly disinfect without having to use the chemicals even though we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. 

Schools tend to be larger than nurseries which require additional cleaning operatives. Depending on the size of the buildings we will assess and assign the number of operatives required to handle the workload. We will assess how many cleaner operatives will be required and then dedicate each operative to clean their designated areas so that it will be cleaned more efficiently. When there is a holiday and the client does not want us to attend, then we are happy to oblige, however during the holiday period, we tend to carry out deep cleans as the premises are vacant.

Colleges in London are kept at a high standard of tidiness and we guarantee the same result. We assign experienced operatives who had cleaned colleges in the past and understand the different key cleaning points. Some colleges vary in size and as always we will assess how many cleaning operatives will be required. We will assign an operations manager to do random visits to assess the quality so there are no issues and as the client, you will not have to deal with lower-quality care. All cleaners we hire are enthusiastic and passionate about cleaning. 

Importance of Maintaining a Clean and Hygienic Premises within an Educational Environment

Working in an educational position is a huge responsibility, you are focused on providing students with quality education and maintaining their safety within the premises. Undoubtedly, having a clean environment is of utmost importance as it improves well being of both teacher and student and allows for a more care-free environment to learn within. A messy environment can equal a messy mind, making learning more tedious and causing restlessness in the student.

Children play daily, they will come into contact with other children, their parents and staff members around the school or college. It is vital that the students are within a clean environment to reduce the risk of disease or illness spreading. With a more clean surrounding you will lower the number of absences from both the teachers and the students; resulting in better education.

Reduce the Risk of Covid-19 with our Nursery, School and College Cleaning Service

It is important that students are protected when they are attending their place of education. As an additional service to our Nursery, School and College cleaning jobs, we have antiviral surface sanitisation. Our operatives will sanitise every high traffic area around the educational facility to prevent possible spread of the coronavirus. Some of the areas our operatives will professionally sanitise include:
  1. Communal areas such as lifts, stairs etc.
  2. Canteens, school equipment
  3. workspaces, chairs, printers, monitors, computers, keyboards.
  4. Any other high-traffic areas located within the premises.
  5. Classrooms, playrooms and dormitories. 

How do Klean Keepers protect the environment?

We are committed doing our part in preventing pollution and to complying with all relevant environmental legislation. We follow through with each regulation and other environmental requirements that are required, and we continually improve our practices to go further and beyond the set standard.

We will evaluate the environmental impact of our activities, products and services and change our procedures to demonstrate our ability as a green company. It is our policy to:
  1. Minimise the use of energy, water and natural resources
  2. Avoid the use of hazardous materials, where practical
  3. Work with environmentally responsible suppliers
  4. Using Low carbon emission products and equipment

Which areas do we service?

Klean Keepers are currently London based and will visit locations in all major postcodes.

>>Vauxhall                         >>Central London         >>Battersea                       >>Camden Town

>>Chelsea                          >>Fulham                        >>Peckham                         >>Victoria

>>Brixton                          >>Notting Hill                 >>Covent Gardens            >>St. Johns Wood

>>Kensington                  >>Richmond                    >>Wimbledon                     >>Crystal Palace

>>Marleybone                 >>Paddington                 >>Croydon                           >>Putney

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