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Communal Cleaning Services

If you are looking for communal area cleaning services in London, then you are at the right place. Klean Keepers are well experienced in the field of communal cleaning in blocks private or council. We have well-trained cleaner operatives who attend daily or a few days per week depending on the size of the building. If it’s a large estate we will assess how many operatives will be required to carry out the cleaning schedule. Our professional communal area cleaners offer excellent cleaning services as per your requirements. Feel free to contact us for a quote on our communal area cleaning services in London.

Klean Keepers is one of the trusted cleaning service providers offering communal cleaning services in London and the surrounding boroughs. We provide communal area cleaning services for buildings of different shapes and sizes. We will mop the communal floors or hoover, remove any litter by the ground entrance, report any blown out lights, hoover the stairs, wipe down bannisters, get rid of any junk mail or put them aside If desired by the management company. Sweep or jet wash basement areas and any other request the management company wishes us to clean like polishing the brass.

Providing tailored communal cleaning services in London, we always ensure that quality services are rendered to your clients and they are satisfied with our operations. On occasions, we are requested to carry out carpet cleaning as when there is too much traffic build up the carpets get soiled and require a good carpet clean so upon instructions, we will dispatch our carpet cleaning specialist to do all the floors that are carpeted. We normally get a designated cleaning cupboard to store our products and equipment, and if not available we will bring our van to the site so the cleaner operative does the job properly and at that time the operations manager will review the block it is up to good standard after the clean has been completed. We cover all areas in London like Victoria, Holborn, Paddington, Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Ealing, Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Kensington & Chelsea, Fulham, The City of London, and some of the Home Counties like Surrey which are within zone 5 We know we are reliable and cleaner operatives always sign the sheet of attendance with any comments residents wish to add for quality control.

Reach out to Klean Keepers for communal cleaning services in London. 

Our Commercial Cleaning Service for Communal Cleaning

Klean Keepers offer a communal cleaning service within the London area. We are well experienced in communal cleaning within shared working or living locations and have carried out this service for many years. We have worked within different types of communal areas and understand what our clients are expecting from us – and we will always strive to go above and beyond.

Why Choose Our Communal Cleaning Service?

At Klean Keepers, we understand the importance of keeping the communal areas spotless. This is why we set our standards so high. We employ well-trained cleaning operatives who can attend daily or multiple times per week depending on the size of the building. If it’s a large block we will assess how many operatives will be required to carry out the cleaning schedule.

We have procedures and schedules that we adhere to guarantee we are cleaning every area and surface to our professional standard. Our workers manage their work through a checklist system so we will leave no stone unturned and our clients have full visibility of the tasks our operatives are carrying out for them. We have introduced signing in sheets where the residents can also comment.



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Happy Customers

  • Tim Middlemas

    Had a wonderful experience with Klean keepers who were so polite and truly professional from start to finish.

  • Charanjit Kaler

    Klean keepers have great team and always on hand to provide excellent service, never let me down, the cleaning staff provided on site is an excellent worker happy to go the extra mile! Well done guys for getting such good people!

  • Derek Forder

    We are extremely satisfied with the work Klean Keepers have done for us. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable home services company that gets the job done on time.

  • William Johnson

    Managing a large London residential property portfolio its vital I have reliable people who provide end of tenancy clean, furniture assembly, blocked soil pipes and sinks and general painting and decorating, Klean Keepers provide all of these services for me under one roof, Klean keepers make my work load far easier

  • Sarah Emily

    Had a wonderful experience with using Klean keepers in the sw8 area. On time and did the job to perfection.

  • Jeniffer Isla

    Used their maid service and was completely satisfied with them. Thoroughly professional service and will use them again.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see your upcoming services by navigating to Your Bookings within your Klean Keepers app which will display your booking. If you are unable to see your bookings, please contact us by email or use our chat service so we can check if everything is in order with your upcoming booking of the service you. Why do you only provide an estimated price? Our pricing does not include parking fees, extra labour or congestion charges. Our expert will inform you about the fixed price before the commencement of each job.

If you need to change the time of your scheduled booking, you can amend the booking 2 hours before it’s scheduled however please try to give us as much notice as possible. Call our Customer Service team on 020 7978 2004 Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm, or email . Any cancellation or rescheduling will be charged £25 if you cancel it after 2 hours prior to the scheduled job time.

We would love to hear from you about your experience with Klean Keepers ! The easiest way to let us know what you think is by going to the History and clicking “Rate” under the service you want to leave feedback for.

Our website and apps makes it easy to find reliable and experienced cleaning services and maintenance specialists – in minutes. Each trade must go through a rigorous 5-step vetting process before they can work with us.

Yes, once a service is booked you will be notified the date and estimated time of arrival and if running late you will be notified and you can track them on the app when they are in transit

Yes. Klean Keepers have a thorough vetting process and ensure any new legislation is carried out to a certain level of quality that has to be met.

You can uninstall the app and you will no longer be able to use its functionality and all your data will be deleted. If you need to set one up in the future after you have uninstalled the app then simply open a new account and enter your registered address to see if we cover your area.

No, all you need to do is allow access to the property and come back later to inspect the job when complete so you are happy with it and verbally approve it. This will make it easier for you if you have to go to work and return later if necessary.

We are a registered ISO 9001 quality assured company and we have to abide by stringent rules and regulations so we ensure the service provider is fully competent and qualified to carry out work to a good standard. We have done the hard work for you so you just book the service required and the job will be carried out accordingly.

We are a professional cleaning and maintenance company established in August 2005, renamed as Klean Keepers Ltd in 2017 and now with the launch of the new app in January 2020 providing cleaning and maintenance services through the app, it will pioneer the latest technology helping you save time and money and hassle sourcing a reliable service provider. We have already set out the most competitive rates in the London area so you know for every service you are getting a good rate plus a high standard of quality work.

Although a lot of care has been taken to give you the most accurate estimated price possible, additional charges such as parking fees, additional labour, cost of material, congestion charge etc is not included in the estimated price.

You can leave feedback once a job has been completed. You may receive a message from us to give us a review if you like our service.&nbsp

You would need to discuss with the service provider what needs to be rectified. We offer a 24 hour guarantee on cleaning services and a 1 year guarantee on the rest of the services, so if you do not report within those period then the service booked is regarded as completed.

On the app you will need to go to support section and change email or password. If you are having issues send us an email to or you can contact us via our chat and we will make sure to update your details.

The cost for cleaning services in London would depend on the size of the area to be cleaned. Further, the cleaning service packages would depend also on the type of property viz. commercial, residential or industrial.

<p>The booking amount would be refunded in case of cancellation within the specified time limit.<br></p>

<p>There are many good cleaning companies in London. Klean Keepers is proud to be one of the best cleaning companies in London.<br></p>

<p>The rate for a professional cleaner is approx. £10/ hour. The charge for a professional cleaner may go up to £16/ hour.<br></p>

<p>Although the exact time required for cleaning a four-bedroom house may not be stated, it may take around 8 to 10 hours. The cleaning company would employ additional cleaners if the client wants the house to be cleaned faster.<br></p>

Importance of Maintaining a Clean and Hygienic Premises within Communal Areas

Maintaining a good level of hygiene and cleanliness is important within any communal area. It acts as a barrier between infectious diseases, the spreading of viruses and the overall well-being of individuals within the communal area. 

Any individuals within the communal area will be touching equipment or belongings, making tea from a teapot and re-using products within the area. These are all risks of spreading unwanted infections. It has never been more important to look after our staff, clients or visitors health when they enter a new location. They will feel the ease of mind and feel the desire to return if your environment is kept at a clean and tidy level.

What Services can you Count on with our Communal Cleaning Service?

  1. Communal areas such as corridors, landings and staircases.
  2. Dusting and polishing surfaces.
  3. Carpet and floor cleaning.
  4. Emptying and replacing bins.
  5. Cleaning of communal areas such as shared hallways.
  6. Cleaning of car park area for residents.

Reduce the Risk of Covid-19 with our Communal Cleaning Service

When working in a public-sharing location it is important to control the possible spread of the coronavirus. To combat this Klean Keepers have implemented an antiviral surface sanitation with each of our Communal Cleaning services. Our operatives will locate and spray high-traffic areas within the communal area. Some of the areas our operatives will professionally sanitise include:
  1. Communal areas such as corridors, staircase landings and staircases.
  2. Shared areas such as kitchens, toilets and washrooms.
  3. Light switches, doorknobs, lockers or drawers.
  4. Carpets or any upholstery that needs to be cleaned.

How do Klean Keepers protect the environment?

Klean Keepers are an eco-friendly company and we try to make sure we minimise our amount of pollution and maximise the usage we get out of our resources. We comply with all legal requirements regarding the environment. We as a company do our part by adhering to all of the regulations and environmental requirements issued. We constantly evaluate our methods and alter them to consistently decrease our footprint.

It is our policy to:
  1. Recycle, Re-use and reduce.
  2. Dispose of waste safely.
  3. Use environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Which areas do we service?

Klean Keepers are currently London based and will visit locations in all major postcodes.

>>Vauxhall                         >>Central London         >>Battersea                       >>Camden Town

>>Chelsea                          >>Peckham                    >>Brixton                           >>Notting Hill

>>Covent Gardens           >>Fulham                       >>Hammersmith               >>Acton

>>City Of London             >>Wimbledon               >>Wimbledon                    >>Earls Court

>>Paddington                   >>Putney               

Some of Our Clients Include:

  1. JMW Barnard.
  2. Hill Housing
  3. Urang
  4. Barnard Marcus
  5. Optivo (Formerly Viridian Housing)
  6. Tate Residential
  7. HML Group
  8. JFM Management
  9. Guest-Ready
  10. Warwick Estate
  11. 74 Harley St Management
  12. McGlashan’s Property Services.

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To make a request regarding a Communal Cleaning service or to get an answer to a query, contact us through the enquiry box and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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