Klean Keepers is a professional cleaning and maintenance company providing services in the London area.

Office Cleaning


We pride ourselves to ensure all our office cleaning services are up to excellent standards. This is because a clean and tidy office is essential in the workplace. We never tie you down to long term contracts, unlike other cleaning companies who may sign you up for 2 or 3 years. All we ask is to give us a 28 day notice then you are free to go elsewhere.

We understand that you need peace of mind in the office, which is why we aim to clean all areas of the office in a thorough and methodical way. Our cleaners have been trained to be systematic and comprehensive in their operations.

Klean Keepers have office cleaning operatives working at client’s location serving the London Boroughs of:







Kensington and Chelsea




Tower Hamlets




We cover all of London as well.

Our specialist team can maintain a safer, more hygienic, and altogether more pleasant place for everybody, helping to promote a more positive and productive working environment.

Starting by carefully documenting every requirement, our professional and well trained cleaning operatives go about their work quietly and efficiently, ensuring that every area of the premises is left spotlessly clean and better than perfect. Our office cleaning services are tailored to the individual clients needs but can include anything from the basic daily tasks such as washroom hygiene and periodical cleaning to the care of carpets, windows, telephones and individual work stations.

We know that reliability and consistency is the key element in retaining our customers which is why all our cleaning operatives do their best when carrying out their cleaning jobs.

We understand that security is important element in the office. There are valuable equipment in the office so we ensure our cleaning operatives are CRB Checked before they are allowed to operate. Operatives are also uniformed and insured against any liability.

We provide each site with a security check list detailing the sites standard and unique requirements and these are signed off daily. Supervision is carried out by our operations managers, and dedicated senior accounts managers are available around the clock to assist and attend to emergencies.

If you’re workplace has an outside space you may also like to think about incorporating our gardening and ground maintenance service.

We also provide outside window cleaning that are hard to reach including abseil window cleaning. We cover all heights.


Klean Keepers | Examples of What We Can Do


Office Areas

– Wipe/dust doors and frames

– Spot clean any marks from walls

– Empty waste bins (put all rubbish bags in a corner of the office and client will remove outside)

– Spot clean any marks from walls

– Hoover/mop floor

– Dust/wipe floor skirting boards

– Clean windowsills

– Clean light fittings where reachable

– Remove cobwebs where reachable

– Wipe/polish all desk surfaces/computers


Kitchen Area

– Cleaning internal/external of microwave

– Cleaning internal/external of fridge (once a week)

– Wiping work surfaces

– All metal items e.g. taps decaled (as and when needed)

– Kettle decaling (as and when needed)

– Dust/wipe Skirting boards

– Mopping floor

– Removing cobwebs where reachable

– Clean light fittings where reachable

– Fill and empty dishwasher

– Empty bins

– Wipe window sills



– Wipe/dust doors and frames

– Spot clean any marks from wall

– Dust/wipe skirting boards

– Mopping the floor

– Removing cobwebs where reachable

– Clean light fittings where reachable

– Sanitise W.C and sink

– All metal areas e.g. taps descaled (as and when needed)

– Clean Mirror


Meeting Area (overlooking office)

– Hoover floor and steps

– Dust/wipe table and chairs

– Remove cobwebs where reachable

– Clean light fittings where reachable

– Dust/wipe skirting boards

– Wipe windowsills


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