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Hospital & Medical Centre Cleaning Services

Medical Centre Cleaning ServicesWe are very proud of the work we do for hospitals and medical centres. One of our established clients is Harley Street Clinic who regularly use us on a weekly basis. We also clean for many clinics in Harley Street and surrounding areas. We understand how important it is to have a clean environment in a hospital environment as well medical centres because they have strict legislation surrounding the standards of hygiene that must be maintained. Providing a clean and safe environment ensures the risk to patients from infections, which is reduced to a minimum.

All our cleaner operatives are fully trained in that field and are aware of infection control and the use of colour coding.

We are constantly training our cleaning operatives with any new new Health and Safety laws or new codes.

They are requested to understand the codes of conduct and adhere to the cleaning schedules and routines as it is the key code of practice


Klean Keepers understands the tasks faced to clean hospitals and  medical centres as we have learned from our experience

of what is required to sustain a safe and hygienic environment and for our client to pass their CQC inspection with flying colours.

As well as Hygiene’s planned preventative healthcare cleaning services we also provide a solution for medical centres to areas that need to be disinfected swiftly. This ensures that these areas are able to function to full capacity quickly.


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Klean Keepers | Examples of What We Can Clean For You

Toilets – Weekly

Spot clean walls and doors

High level cleaning

Clean and sanitize hand basins, taps and surrounding area

Clean and sanitize W.C. pans and seats

Clean and polish mirrors

Replenish toilet paper and hand towels

Empty waste bins

Remove cobwebs

Sweep/mop toilet floors

Descale and polish all metal items and mirrors


Communal Areas – Weekly

Spot clean walls and doors

Clean away marks and spillages

Damp wipe tables where possible Remove cobwebs

Empty waste bins

Sweep and vacuum floor area

Dusts wipe all hard surfaces to include tables, chairs, cabinets, picture frames, lamps and ledges



Hall 1 – Weekly

Spot clean walls and doors

Damp wipe tables where possible

Remove cobwebs

Hoover/mop floor area with suitable floor maintainer

Damp wipe cabinets, picture frames, lamps and ledges

Dusts wipe internal window and window sills



Kitchen Area – Weekly

Spot clean walls and doors

Wash Dishes and wipe serve counter

Remove cobwebs

Damp wipe front of fridges

Clean inside of microwave (pay particular attention to roof)

Damp wipe kettle exterior

Clean and sanitize sink and kitchen work surfaces

Empty waste bins

Sweep/mop kitchen floors with suitable floor maintainer

Clean sanitize kitchen unit’s doors

Empty and clean refrigerator (doors)

Remove clean dishes and place in cupboards



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