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Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

We are specialist in floor cleaning in the London area

as we know that there are a few types of floors that require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good condition, hard floors will also benefit from a little care and attention.

Our highly trained floor cleaning operatives can provide a deep clean or even a strip, seal and polish for a variety of floors which include:

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Wood Floor Polishing London | Wood Floor Cleaners London


Wood Floor Polishing London

Wood floor polishing and cleaning are required to enhance the natural colour so at a point your wooden floors will require some treatment.

It would be more economical than replacing as wooden flooring are pricey.

By regular maintenance you will be protecting the life of the wooden flooring and preserving its beauty. While vacuuming and mopping may keep your floors clean, it is hard floor polishing that will serve as a natural shield to the surface, prolonging the life of the wood and retaining the colour and shine.


Wood Floor Polishing is applicable to hard wood, engineered wood and laminate floor, both finished or not. In case your floor is deeply damaged and scratched, then sanding is recommended to eliminate dirt and conceal scrapes, after which polishing will bring back the original shine of the surface. Our floor cleaning operatives are ready so ask for a free quote with no obligation. Tel: 0207 978 2004


We are specialists in marble cleaning in London. As you are it is a natural stone that has a beautiful effect and require regular cleaning to create its shiny effect. They are seen in lobbies, hotels, airports, shopping malls, buildings, and large houses. We cater for domestic and commercial. Our cleaning operatives are fully trained. Our Cleaning operatives start with moping the floor, followed by removing any scuff marks. The final process is polishing the floor with environmentally friendly marble floor cleaner that will restore the natural beauty of the marble. We use diamond pad polishing to create this effect making your floor cleaner and brighter, and your visitors will be enchanted.


We use the same procedure for stones like granite, slate, limestone, basalt, sandstone, and travertine for marble floor cleaning but we use gentle care to keep its elegant look. All these stones require deep cleaning, grinding and polishing, sealing or re-sealing every so often, in order to maintain their natural beauty.

From our experience we realise that most common problems related to natural stone flooring are loss of the shine, shine loss, deep-rooted dirt, water stains, Scuff marks and blotches. Your stone floor must be treated with cleaning detergents and sealers, based on natural products. The structure of the stone is permeable and it must be allowed to breathe, otherwise it will get damaged.

After the deep cleaning and removing the seated soil, the floor could be infused to protect it from damaging effects. In some cases the coating of the floor must be milled, so that a proper sealing could be applied.

The completed effect will result in practically having a new floor. You will notice its natural bright colour and will create a great impression on visitors as they will notice it immediately.



We are specialists in concrete floor cleaning in the London area. As an alternative to carpeting over the concrete flooring it is now considered as a cost effective to keep lay it as it is and design the floor with different stone materials. It can create the look of a natural stone. Therefore we can easily apply our experience from work with natural stones and polish it. Concrete floors are easy and practical for everyday use because they are easily maintained and economical.

Concrete flooring can be found in homes, showrooms, retail outlets, offices, restaurants, and warehouses. It is brilliant and inexpensive decoration for any busy area.

We use industrial diamond pads to create the shine effect.

We apply both dry and wet polishing technology, which doesn’t require any harsh chemicals, because the diamonds achieve the necessary effect by themselves.


When it comes to tiles we realise that many people do not know how to clean and seal the Victorian tiles, and go unprotected for many years. Our trained floor cleaning specialists know exactly the procedure to restore the original look of the tiles.

Unsealed stone is absorbent and will look a right mess in no time if it is unsealed, so we make sure it is properly sealed and it is recommended to re-seal frequently

Cleaning sealed stone procedure is done by firstly vacuuming the floor first then mopping up with mild detergent, such as washing-up liquid.

Stains on sealed stone can be treated with a branded stone cleaning agent.

It is recommended to take professional cleaning advice so we are here to help. Call us on 0207 978 2004


All our equipment are checked and updated when necessary to make sure we have the best machinery. All our floor cleaning operatives are trained, vetted and uniformed. More importantly they are insured for any liability.

Klean Keepers | Examples of What We Can Do:


Vacuum Floor

Mop Floor with detergent

Apply stone cleaner and polish

Dry diamond pad polishing

Remove any scuff marks on floors

Waxing wooden floors

Ceiling tiles

Polish Floors

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