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How cleanliness can increase business prosperity


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The question of how office hygiene can lead to an increase in business profits has been one which is highly overlooked. The effect physical dirt has on a working environment have been hugely underestimated. In psychology, there have already been correlations made between hygiene and ‘wiping the slate clean’ or removing ones previous errors (Schwarz and Lee ___). Being in an environment which is cleaned on a regular basis is therefore a simple and easy way to reinstate business objectives on a regular basis. This is as on an unconscious level any bad effects  ‘business mistakes’ workers are bound to have made will be more easily removed from their memories if the environment is cleaned. Cleaning could be said to remove unwanted residues of the past(Schwarz and Lee ___). , (Zhong & Liljenquist, 2006) doubts about recent decisions (Lee & Schwarz, 2010b) and worries about bad luck (Xu et al., 2011). Moreover, people respond to personal disgust (with someone or something) in a similar way as they react to physical disgust (from spoilt food or bad smells). This phenomena is what has been  called ‘overlapping neural network’ (Schwarz and Lee ___). The nature of this network could easily increase tensions between workers since an unconscious connection can be made between a bad smell (for example) and a colleague. Office cleanliness could thus  be said to also enhance collegiality between workers and trust in a working environment, all necessary components for a growing business.  A worthwhile investment for any company which wishes to see a both a rejuvenation of worker morale and a constant reinstatement of business objectives could be as simple as a professional cleaning company.


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